Speed and accuracy your customers will love

Cloud-based accounting extraction trusted by some of the biggest names in FS and audit. Digitize the customer journey, making it quick and easy for customers to share financial data directly from their accounting software.

Quicker lending decisions and time to cash. Remove need for manual collection, interpretation, and re-keying of financial data – supporting the transformation agenda. Increased loan conversion rates. Stay connected to monitor ongoing risk – financials can be automatically refreshed at a chosen cadence.


Capacity Creation

75% improvement in efficiency allowing lenders to focus on their customers and expand relationships

Reduce Data Costs

52% savings on cost to retrieve data for better decisions

Increase Conversion Rates

18% increase in loan conversion rates because data is accurate and readily available



Your customer connects their accounts in a few simple steps.


In minutes, all transaction level data is standardized and available to use.


The decision data you need is deployed via API directly into your systems.

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