Hazy: the leading enterprise synthetic data platform.

Hazy re-engineers data to be easier, faster and safer to use. Most production data is inaccessible due to privacy and security controls. Create tabular synthetic data based on your real data using generative AI. Synthetic data retains the structure, format and statistical properties of real data but none of the real information, so can be safely used without compromising your customers’ privacy.

Key Benefits

Accelerate adoption of AI

High quality synthetic data to build, train and enhance AI models.

Test at scale

Generate realistic test data to validate new systems, applications and technologies.

Innovate faster

Share data internally and externally to quickly validate new products and evaluate vendors.

Empower business intelligence

Perform accurate analytics, retain and benchmark data and enhance BI tools to improve decision making.

Key Features

Fully Synthetic

Hazy generates Hazy generates anonymous data from scratch with built-in privacy guarantees to give safe data that falls outside the scope of data privacy regulation.

Production quality data

Advanced generative models replicate the structure, relationships, statistical properties and patterns in the source data.

Ease of use

Synthetic data is quick and easy to generate using Hazy’s no-code interface or API.

Unbeatable security

Hazy is self-hosted software so no data leaves the client’s environment and only the right people have access.


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