Advance your contribution to sustainable development by unlocking the value of your loan data

GreenArc is an AI driven impact analytics fintech, with an Industry-first solution for measuring, quantifying and reporting the impact of private debt investments. Our mission is to help financial institutions, such as lenders, retail and corporate banks, credit unions, MFIs and asset managers, measure and maximise the contribution of their investments towards sustainable development. Our solution helps financial institutions advance capital towards creating positive social impact, increase enterprise value and open the door to the exponentially growing impact capital markets.

The gold standard in Impact measurement

With an outcome-based approach aligned with global industry standards, our solution has been designed to take you further than traditional ESG risk analysis, offering a best-of-breed impact measurement solution. We provide transparent analysis on the current impact of your investment portfolios, as well as insights on how and where to maximise future impact. Our framework is aligned with the UN SDGs and provides a proprietary developed GreenArc impact score designed for consistency and comparability.


Flexible Impact Reporting solution

After uploading their dataset, post processing, users can view key impact analytics, UN SDG mapping, impact scores with distribution analysis and relevant socio-economic benchmarking.

Ease of data upload

Users can connect via our industry-first impact API or submit portfolio data via flat file or excel, after which users can immediately view key impact data and analytics on a digital dashboard


Users can amend time periods to see how key impact indicators evolve and change over time, track indicators against stated impact objectives or goals, as well as run a scenario analysis by changing material impact variables to see how they influence an investment’s overall impact score.

Designed using industry standards

Green Arc’s solution is aligned with key global industry standards, including the Impact Management Project, Global Impact Investing Network, IFC and the UN SDGs.


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