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Banks of Tomorrow (Indonesia) Temenos Connect

Satoo Garden, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia | 27th May 2024

Join the Temenos Team, as we share the latest in banking innovation, showcase customer success, and explore how we can forge ahead to build the Banks of Tomorrow in Indonesia.


Speaker: Ravi Pathare, Vice President, Temenos Indonesia


As the financial services industry accelerates beyond the digital age into the age of the Cloud, what are some of the key functionalities that Temenos is unleashing to enable Indonesian Banks to capture their key opportunities for the future? Uncover how Temenos prepares Indonesian Banks to build for their future.

Speaker: Rishi Sarin, Deputy Business Solutions Director APAC, Temenos AG

  • Developing a dynamic Cloud Banking Service that evolves daily, capable of rapid scalability to safeguard banking offerings in the digital age.
  • Exploring critical success factors for cloud migration, encompassing key aspects like Security, Resilience, and Regulation.

Speaker: Barani Kumar Govindaraj, Principal Consultant, Temenos Asia Pacific

  • Complete Application: Core, Middle, Front and Digital Channels
  • Regulatory and Compliance Features
  • Security Features
  • Infrastructure and Connectivity
  • Managed Services

Speaker: Adityo M. Yogiswara, Head of Corporate Strategy, FDS-PAC Group

Banks in Indonesia and ASEAN have to “build” to accommodate for an unprecedented growth in the Payments business, driven fundamentally by economic growth in the region. Considering a mid to long term approach is essential for growth and survival, and underlying technology stack plays a big role. Temenos shares more.

Speaker: Ajay Pundir, Payments Specialist MEA & APAC, Temenos MEA

Modern AI application with forward thinking analytics creates ‘virtuous cycles’ where intelligence breeds better data transforming products, services and customer satisfactions.
In this session we discuss how tomorrow’s Indonesian banks can leverage on the interconnectedness between Data Strategy and AI to propel Indonesian banking forward.

Speaker: CK Loy, Principal Consultant, Temenos AG

  • Islamic banking landscape in Asia Pacific, impact of global, regional, and national market forces on Islamic banking for APAC, ASEAN.
  • Key digital banking trends in Asia Pacific: Banking-as-a-Service, Embedded Finance, Hyper-Personalized Banking, and the implications for Islamic Banking.
  • Islamic Neo Banks and the essential pillars for impactful Islamic banking globally.

Speaker: Rahul Sharda, Senior Consultant – Business Solutions, Temenos AG

Speaker: Ravi Pathare, Vice President, Temenos Indonesia

*The agenda above is indicative and subject to amendments. Please check back here for the latest updates.

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