Banking Experience Transformation

Temenos, Microsoft and Red Hat have partnered with IDC to share the Asia-Pacific Trends to Watch in Retail Banking, Corporate Banking and FinTech disruption.

Analyst Perspective

Retail Banking Insights

Asia Pacific retail banks continue to struggle in offering a hyper-personalized customer experience, at a speed and ease that makes being hyper-personal worth it. Composable banking ensures that truly customer-centric banking does not break the bank.   

Banks Perspective

Reimagining Digital Transformation with Open Banking

We are entering an era of fierce competition within the BFSI space like we’ve never seen before.

Whether you are an incumbent bank, challenger bank, or a fintech, if you are not harnessing the power of open banking, you will inevitably be left out in the dust of your competitors.

Join our webinar to learn how Asia’s leading players are leaning on the power of platforms and ecosystems to gain a competitive edge.

Next phase of Digitising Corporate Banking in a Hyper-connected World

The financial services industry has undergone an accelerated phase of digitalisation. The advancements in technology have disrupted existing businesses and increased competition for incumbent banks. Non-traditional players have implemented upgraded technology stack and adopted more agile and customer-centric operating models. This has led traditional banks to adopt rapid digital transformation to stay relevant.

At Temenos, we know the banking industry is facing big challenges; regulatory, security, environmental, and customer requirements are changing fast.

Composable Banking Services Key to Success

Banking’s new business models are about spinning up new financial services and bringing them to market, fast and at the point of customer need. To gain the agility to build, adapt and deliver new services at speed and through new channels banks must decide what parts of the value chain to own – and where to co-innovate with partners.

By unlocking composable banking capabilities you can access and assemble components from multiple sources to quickly create and deploy new services or solutions. Whether consuming discreet banking capabilities, pre-packaged banking services, or comprehensive front-to-back solutions, composable means truly plug-and-play services that co-exist with the existing technology landscape.

Now is the time to modernize the core with an open platform for composable banking. One that reduces IT costs, improves agility, and accelerates time to market. 

Banks can’t do this alone. But together, we have everything we need for your success. Temenos has partnered with the most innovative companies in the world to bring to you the best team for your transformation journey.

Temenos, Microsoft and Red Hat are coming together to cover Open-source technology, Cloud and Hybrid Cloud.

Powering World’s Leading Banks

Move from Bank to BaaP –Platform-based business models create new growth opportunities for banks

The world’s leading open platform for composable banking, creating opportunities for over 1.2 billion people around the world.


We serve over 3000 banks from the largest to challengers and community banks in 150+ countries.


The Temenos open platform helps our top-performing clients achieve return on equity three times the industry average and cost-to-income ratios half the industry average.

Match Security & Regulatory Requirements in the Cloud and achieve your ESG targets

Temenos and Microsoft partnership enables banks and financial firms of all sizes to access and consume the most extensive set of cloud-native composable banking services on the market.

Delivered on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, financial institutions have reduced time to market, delivered services at hyper-scale, and significantly reduced total cost of ownership and operational inefficiencies – supported by a flexible move away from on-premises systems.


Together, we deliver the innovation banks need to provide differentiated consumer experiences, adhere to the industry’s rigorous security, regulatory, and privacy requirements and address trends such as open banking, BaaS, and green banking

Create efficiency and scale by adopting Open Technologies and Open Banking

Red Hat OpenShift is an enterprise Kubernetes container platform with full-stack, automated operations to manage hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and edge deployments.


Red Hat OpenShift is optimized to improve developer productivity and promote innovation. It also allows you to run your IT systems across in-house hardware and the cloud as if they were a single environment.


Red Hat OpenShift is a multi-cloud solution that simplifies operations, management, and automation across multiple clouds and on-premise.