Welcome to Composable Banking: A New Era for Italian Banks

The ’plug-and-play’ nature of composable banking allows banks to innovate IT architecture without revolutionizing their core banking platform.

Join Temenos live in Milan and learn from our partners and clients about their journey to Cloud.

Today’s customers demand the same sort of convenience form their banks as they get from other providers like Amazon or Netflix. 

While banks are trying hard to meet customers’ expectation, most of them are caught back with legacy core banking platforms preventing them from accelerating their pace of transformation. The ’plug-and-play’ nature of composable banking architecture takes away this burden, allowing banks to add or swap components through API in the areas where it’s needed the most.

How banks can innovate lightning fast

All across the financial services sector, organizations are competing to find the next big innovation. 77% of financial institutions globally are increasing their innovation efforts, with digitization as a driving force.

Innovate today on the Temenos Banking Cloud

Download the factsheet to learn how the open platform for composable banking with instant access to the most extensive set of composable banking services.

Flowe – Success Story

Flowe is a bank unlike any other. Inspired by the emphasis on personal wellbeing found in Japanese ikigai philosophy and the positive psychology movement, Flowe aims to empower customers to live happier and more sustainable lives.

Welcome to Composable Banking: A New Era for Italian Banks

Join our exclusive roundtable “Welcome to Composable Banking: a new era for Italian banks” on 20th April in Milan, Italy and learn from Temenos experts, our partners, and clients about their journey to Cloud.

This event is exclusively reserved for banking professionals. Attendance is free of charge.

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