The Future of Fund Administration

Tech Talk Shorts: Marlene Miller-Bake in conversation with Nerina Visser

Enter 2022

We’re on the post-pandemic road to recovery. The outlook is positive. We’re remote, we’re digital, we’re investing with more confidence and we’re more demanding than ever.

Together, we’ve changed the asset management industry forever. But what does it mean for those parts of the industry that aren’t so visible?

Enter the back-office

Is your fund administration running on an open architecture? Is your fund accounting system enabling you to provide new services? Is your investor servicing platform client-centric?

“Investing in technologies and digitizing operations is no longer a nice to have, but a fundamental need for survival.”

In these 2-minute shorts, we ask Nerina Visser, Director & Co-owner at etfSA Portfolio Management Company, some of the industry’s burning questions to get some insight on where we are now, and where we’re going.

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Backward Planning for the Future of Fund Administration
APIs and Cloud Technology The Opportunity for Movers and Shakers
Responsive and Flexible The Future of Investment Operations

Meet the Speakers

Nerina Visser
Director & Co-owner at etfSA Portfolio Management Company

Nerina Visser is an ETF Strategist and Advisor, offering consulting and advisory services to the investment industry, financial advisors and private individuals with a specialist focus on Exchange Traded Products, benchmark indices and rules-based investment solutions. She is a director and co-owner of the etfSA Portfolio Management Company, a registered financial services provider, where she oversees the management of specialist investment portfolios of Exchange Traded Products for a broad range of clients.

Listen to Nerina’s Podcast Series : The ETF Investor

Marlene Miller-Bake
Regional Manager, Africa & Middle East Temenos Multifonds

With over 20 years’ experience working in the financial industry, Marlene is a highly respected individual with expertise across equities, derivatives, bonds, money market and foreign instruments, built from a background in dealing, as well as Fintech.nWith focus on the Middle East and African markets, she supports asset managers and fund administrators with their technology needs. A key part of this role is building long-lasting relationships, as she advises and guides clients through their transformation journey, as they seek new ways of digitizing, becoming more operationally efficient and reducing risk.

Read the latest from Marlene: Fintech: Here to Stay

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