Temenos for Universal Banks

Our open universal banking platform enables banks to implement digital transformation fast, deliver new products and services in days, and scale with cloud and fintech collaboration.

Truly universal banking

Offering connected capabilities, spanning Retail Banking, Business Banking, Corporate Banking and other sectors. Although the business requirements for each can be different, Temenos offers a series of integrated software solutions from a single platform that enables you to leverage core competencies to serve multiple different sectors.


The universal banking model is under pressure. Mastering customer experience with personalization, end-to-end digital processes, and opening up to fintech collaboration is critical to survive, differentiate and thrive. Temenos delivers the most open and front-to-back platform to progressively transform the retail, wealth, corporate, and business banking experience and incorporate fintech innovation.


Legacy cores, digital platforms, and a patchwork of specialized systems impact profitability and constrain growth. Universal banks want to simplify the IT landscape while rapidly delivering new best-in-class, fit-for-purpose products, and services. Temenos provides the cloud-native platform to harmonize the IT landscape to reduce TCO, implement fast, reduce risk and eliminate upgrade pain.


Agility is everything. Whether rapidly creating new products for growth markets, evolving with regulation, or switching to the cloud, Temenos provides one platform for digital and core banking capabilities. Banks can harness banking capabilities across any vertical market, scale with ease, and deploy at speed through any channel – with a single code base regardless of deployment choice.

Our solution for universal banking is the most comprehensive, flexible, and open platform for full-service banks to win on customer experience, reduce costs and seize growth. It combines our best-of-breed digital banking and front-office capabilities, with an explainable-AI powered, digital, and core banking solution for retail banking, business banking, corporate banking, and wealth management. It is delivered on a cloud-native, open architecture to support fast time-to-market and drive fintech collaboration. Low-code configuration and an extensibility framework enable continuous testing, delivery, and updates, whether consumed via SaaS, on the client’s cloud environment or on-premise.

Front-to-back digitization

Consolidated operations

Open and cloud-native

Collaboration and BaaS

Low-code and extensible

Full-service with localization

Measurable success 


more of IT spend on growth and innovation*


Retail Front Office staff spend 30% and Corporate Front Office staff spend 36% less time on admin activities*


lower cost-income ratios – universal banks with Temenos Transact*


more agile according to bank ratings

*Comparison from Temenos CEO Navigator between banks live with Temenos Enterprise Solutions and Services and those who are not

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about universal banking with Temenos

“This breakthrough financial technology represents a critical step forward to meet the rapidly changing needs of our clients through a full range of channels, and we’re excited to hit the ground running…”

Chris Fowler
President and CEO, CWB Financial Group

“This digital transformation will help us achieve our ambitious growth objectives and fulfil our mission to contribute to the economic and financial development of Tunisia.”

Mohamed Ferid Ben Tanfous
CEO, Arab Tunisian Bank

“Temenos’s state-of-the-art technology will enable our bank to build on our commitment to providing high quality service, placing us in the forefront of innovation and spearheading the implementation of our digital transformation journey”

Stavros Ioannou
Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Group Chief Operating Officer, Eurobank

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Modern retail banking

Innovate front-to-back with agility and speed using the latest cloud and API technology with our retail banking functionality.

Integrated corporate banking

Consolidate commercial loan portfolios across corporate, business, and retail lending, from origination to servicing with Temenos Corporate Lending.

Business banking

Enable front-to-back propositions dedicated to enabling financial institutions to deliver value to small and medium businesses from onboarding to origination, servicing, and advisory.

Next-generation wealth management

Engage, build and deliver wealth plans with your clients to help them achieve their wider financial goals using the latest in AI and modern cloud technology.

End-to-end payments

A universal end-to-end payments solution based on ISO 20022 standards and support for all payment types.

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