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Temenos Infinity Service

Increase satisfaction and cultivate lasting relationships with every service interaction.

Product Overview

Service-Level Focused Automation

Focus on delivering quality service and automate manual tasks by configuring rules to auto-select the appropriate path based on conditions defined by your institution. Automating processes and task assignment behind the scenes drives a faster turnaround – fostering an environment where service level commitments are consistently exceeded.

Enhanced, Controlled Communication

More than a central location for tickets, tasks, and supporting documentation, the system can automatically trigger messages and scripted talking points to service representatives to ensure effective and consistent communication. Use mail merge capabilities to automate field population and letter generation, maintaining a complete audit history of communications.

Comprehensive Views & Reports

Monitor performance with automatic customizable report delivery that incorporates current benchmarks and SLAs to display real-time progress. Gain even more insight with direct integration to Microsoft SQL® reporting services.

Quick & Easy Self-Configuration

With simplified admin capabilities, you are in control of your environment and processes. Automate processes, create custom fields or build queues, views, reports, and letters on the fly without IT constraints or additional costs.

Seamless Third-Party Integration

To drive both a simplified experience and intelligent decisions, integrating with third parties for key services like ID verification, fraud detection, and financial history is essential. Easily make use of the platform’s robust API or select from our more than 20 integrated partners.

Measurable Success

227 %

227% increase in outbound sales calling

25 %

25% increase in productivity

AccurintLexis Nexis – This connector allows users to initiate a real-time skip trace against a particular account and a history of all past skip trace searches are maintained in the system.Skip Tracing
Allied CPIAllied Solutions – This connector provides integration to Allied Solution’s Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI), a solution for managing risk and minimizing the administrative hassle associated with tracking insurance on collateralized loans.Insurance
ApplicationXtenderMetaSource – This connector allows documents attached to a loan application to be archived and stored with ApplicationXtender.Document Managemen
BankoLexis Nexis – This connector supplies an automated process to send and receive comprehensive bankruptcy data to help minimize risk and maximize collection and recovery efforts.Bankruptcy
BillingTreeBillingTree – This connector provides direct integration to BillingTree’s Payment Suite, allowing users to enter and originate ACH and credit card transactions.Payment Processing
CertegyFIS – This connector enables institutions to import additional credit card account information directly into the system.Third-Party Credit Cards
CPSFiserv – This connector allows institutions to receive additional credit card account information directly through the system.Third-Party Credit Cards
Credit ReportingLuxor Technologies, Inc. – This connector retrieves and stores credit report information from Experian, Equifax and/or TransUnion through a third-party credit reporting service.Credit Reporting
Credit Union
Student Choice
Credit Union Student Choice – This connector allows financial institutions to import student loan data directly into the Collection module, allowing for easy risk management within a single system.Third-Party Loan Data
Evans, Simpson & AssociatesEvans, Simpson and Associates, Inc. – This connector provides Temenos customers with real-time access to Evans, Simpson and Associates’ (ESA) suite of insurance products.Insurance
FDRFirst Data – This connector provides institutions with the ability to receive additional credit card account information directly through the system.Third-Party Credit Cards
FICSFICS – This connector offers financial institutions access to additional mortgage information not offered directly from their core processor.Mortgages
NACHANACHA – This connector provides secure and efficient ACH transactions within the system.Payment Processing
PSCUPSCU – This connector enables institutions to access additional credit card information for accounts. Users can choose from PSCU’s standard option or their Data eXchange, which offers real-time information.Third-Party Credit Cards
SWBC ECMSWBC – This connector provides direct integration to SWBC’s Electronic Cash Management Tool (ECM) for highly secure and efficient electronic ACH and Credit Card transactions.Payment Processing
SWBC InsuranceSWBC – This connector enables institutions to access policy details, create new claims, and track claims for SWBC’s Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI).Insurance
TMGThe Members Group – This connector allows institutions to receive additional credit card account information directly through the system.Third-Party Credit Cards
TransUnionTransUnion – This connector provides users with a secure transfer method for retrieving credit bureau reports through the account servicing solution.Credit Reporting
VantivVantiv – This connector enables institutions to receive additional credit card account information directly through the system.Third-Party Credit Cards
XDIXpress Data Inc – This connector allows letters to be exported directly to Xpress Data to be produced and delivered.Letters

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