Temenos Regulatory Compliance

Temenos Compliance Advisory Services

Unlimited access to compliance experts and resources to help you navigate today’s complex US regulatory environment.

Take the Guesswork Out of Compliance

With unlimited same-day answers from Temenos’ compliance experts, uncapped advertisement and disclosure reviews, and a wealth of online templates and guides, Temenos is your compliance genie for staying on top of evolving regulations impacting your business.

Calling All Customers: An Exception to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Same Day Expert Q&A

When you need answers to compliance questions right now, contact the Temenos Advisory Team via our online compliance portal by 2 PM CST and we will provide answers that same day!

Pre-Acquisition Disclosures Under the Prepaid Rule

Unlimited Ad, Disclosure & Policy Reviews

Our team of Senior Advisors and Attorneys lend an expert eye to your advertisements, disclosures, and policies and make suggestions for improvement from a compliance perspective.

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Educational Credit-Bearing Webinars

Empower your team with engaging webinars for a comprehensive education on all aspects of compliance. Your group can earn Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) credits for attending as well as certificates of completion.

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Checklists, Policy Manuals & Templates

Gain unlimited knowledgebase access complete with compliance manuals, checklists, and quick guides. Over 90 compliance policy templates are also available in our Advisory Services’ Policy Manual.

Real-time corporate payments in LatAm; failure to plan is planning to fail

Real-Time Compliance Calendar

The Temenos-managed calendar that keeps your team informed of upcoming regulatory dates and free online training workshops. For your employees only, this fully customizable calendar is designed to accommodate the unique processes and events that are the pulse of your institution.

Annual Website Review

Our team of experts and attorneys review your website content each year to identify and help you resolve potential weaknesses and compliance risks.

Rocket Mortgage: Business Strategy and Technology United

Vendor Management

Specialized Product – Keep a central data repository for all your vendor information and the business processes associated with them to adhere to regulatory standards and best practices. Check third-party vendor management off the list of obligations resulting from evolving regulations and requirements from federal agencies.

“Lake Michigan Credit Union’s partnership with Temenos has been invaluable to our ongoing monitoring and oversight of the Credit Union’s compliance program. Our ability to ask questions and receive prompt responses has assisted us in making informed compliance related decisions.”

Cheryl Famulak, Director of Compliance – Lake Michigan Credit Union

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