Stewart Davies

Commercial Director SaaS, Europe, Temenos

Highly-experienced across the Retail Banking sector, Stewart supports Temenos clients with their evaluation and migration to Software as a Service (SaaS) business models, as they seek new ways of digitising, becoming more operationally efficient and reducing risk.

His experience, built from over 15 years in roles that span the operational, governance and commercial aspects of outsourcing and SaaS adoption, has given him a unique perspective that can be leveraged when supporting clients through their digital transformation journeys.

From the strategic approach to market changes like PSD2 to reimagining business operations, Stewart is passionate about helping clients realise the benefits of SaaS in an ever-challenging landscape. His previous experience includes senior roles at Fiserv, FIS, and Wipro.

Latest articles from Stewart Davies


Can E-Money and Traditional Payments Institutions Survive the Onslaught of Big Tech?

Big Tech firms (like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple) are eying up the payments space enthusiastically. Anyone who attended Sibos last year would have seen the signs that Big Tech is rapidly moving into the places that E-money Institutions (EMIs) presumed was their fundamental niche. This position will get more competitive! These firms are likely to have a big impact on payments. They have put their brands foremost and are using payments to boost on-platform engagement and commerce, reinforcing their importance in consumers' lives.

Electronic Money Institutions – Leading by Example?

Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) are a relative newcomer to the financial services landscape – particularly in their visibility to the wider market. They are not banks but they are challenging banks in many ways, including their business model - but how are they driving this change?