Rachelle Dekker

Senior Compliance Advisor
Rachelle Dekker - Senior Compliance Advisor

Rachelle Dekker is a Senior Compliance Advisor with the Temenos Compliance Advisory team. Rachelle was most recently the BSA Officer for a community bank. Her experience includes working for community banks as well as working for a regional auditing firm where she provided compliance auditing and consulting services to various financial institutions. Her background is specialized in BSA/AML, HMDA, and deposit compliance. Rachelle graduated from Grand Valley State University with her Master of Science in Accounting. She is also a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM).

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For Love or Money? Identifying and Reporting Romance Scams

As dating apps and social media use continues to increase, the trend of romance scams may continue to increase as well. Join Senior Compliance Advisor, Rachelle Dekker, CRCM, as she discusses how financial institutions can keep their customers and members informed and alert to these types of  financial scams.

Monitoring for Virtual Currency

Considerations for monitoring for virtual currency include identifying unregistered or illicitly operating P2P exchangers, unregistered foreign-located MSBs, unregistered or illicitly operated CVC kiosks, and additional red flags associated with suspicious activity involving virtual currency.