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TCF ’24: live blog

All the action from Temenos Community Forum 2024, as it happens. Read our live event blog.

Corporate Banking Modernization – Why Now ?

Corporate banking is one of the biggest growth areas within most financial institutions and with the corporate loan market now standing at over US$ 5trn and with the global trade finance market at US$ 9trn it provides a healthy proportion of the Financial Institutions (FI’s) balance sheet.

Collections Call 

Collections, a fundamental component of lending, can be managed much more efficiently with the right core and solutions. Here’s one success story. 

Can compliance with SWIFT CBPR+ be a costly decision?

According to a recent global payments report by McKinsey, cross-border money movement generated about a quarter of a billion US dollars in revenue in 2022, an increase of 17 per cent from 2021. The number is expected to reach half a billion over the next few years. So yes, Cross-border payments are an essential business for banks.

It’s Your Move

In Latin America, no time has ever been better than now to modernize your banking core. There are many options out there except for one—your comfort zone.

Flying Colors 

Temenos’s Highwater Benchmark puts a fictitious bank through a series of simulations and tests. The results revealed that one single instance of a single platform can support multiple banking businesses, good news for Latin American banks with an eye on BaaS (banking as a service).