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What is Request To Pay, And Why Will it Be Such a Revolution?

Request to Pay (R2P) is a new, flexible method for settling bills between people, organizations, and businesses. For years the old-fashioned paper and e-mail invoices have been the favoured way to list services done and request payment. Still, change often comes unexpectedly, and R2P is about to burst upon us in a Tsunami of change. Read on to find out more.

Multifonds BST Awards 2021

Temenos Multifonds ‘Best Integrated Back-Office Platform’ and ‘Best Portfolio Accounting Platform’ at the WatersTechnology Buy-Side Technology Awards, 2021

CFPB Confirms November Effective Date of FDCPA Rules

The CFPB has recently announced that two final rules issued under the FDCPA will take effect as planned, on November 30, 2021. While the CFPB originally considered extending the final rules’ effective date by 60 days to allow stakeholders affected by the COVID-19 pandemic additional time to review and implement the rules, the CFPB determined that such extension is not necessary and the rules will become effective as originally planned.