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Digitalization Accelerated

Why Integrated Solutions Are the Path Forward

Temenos MarketPlace – HID Global – Partner

If the rise of open banking over the last few years has been responsible for an industry-wide push to digitalize, banking during the pandemic has changed that push into a survival imperative. The industry has been expecting the continued march towards complete digitalization – but the timeline has always been a matter of years. It’s been compressed into months thanks to the unprecedented global crisis caused by COVID-19.

It’s becoming clear that the massive surge in demand for sophisticated digital channels in banking due to COVID-19 lockdowns and quarantine measures has created a new business-as-usual. That’s why it’s important for banks to adapt with agility and speed they navigate shifting market conditions and high expectations from customers.

The Power of Partnership

In this rapidly changing banking environment, taking time to craft a new digital approach with a mix of disparate point solutions or home-grown software is a recipe for stagnation and a poor user experience. Integrated solutions are the only path forward for banks looking to make speedy changes while maintaining security. HID Global and Temenos have enjoyed a close partnership since the Temenos MarketPlace was launched, which is why HID’s solutions for protecting the identity of the end customer and bank employee are designed to easily integrate with the Temenos platform. This makes the implementation process easier and quicker, reducing overall time to market. Now, more than ever, fast implementation that encompasses both user experience and security is crucial.

The recent acquisition of Kony by Temenos and addition of its digital channel software to the Temenos platform created Temenos Infinity, which is an exciting development in the marketplace. Banks who are searching for a way to rapidly digitalize and meet customer demand now have a new silver bullet for responding to market stressors that have been heightened by the pandemic. Temenos Infinity unifies digital channels and eliminates back-office siloes to enable a seamless customer experience. As a long-time Temenos partner, it was a priority for HID to ensure easy integration of our authentication, verification, and security products with this game-changing new offering.

Why integrate?

It’s now clear that digitalization is non-optional. Unfortunately, this has enlarged the attack surface for hackers, making today’s banking environment fertile ground for theft, fraud, or breach.

When you invest in your bank’s digitalization efforts to improve customer experience but then choose to layer on poorly-integrated security that creates unacceptable levels of friction or doesn’t protect your customers from theft, you may not see the ROI you were hoping for. That’s why easy integration with software that can secure digital channels is so crucial.
Ultimately, if you haven’t made the right investment, you can be sure that someone else will. In this increasingly dynamic financial environment, customer acquisition and retention hinge on having a well-oiled digital experience. Temenos Infinity, secured with HID, can provide out-of-box performance that can be customized to your specific needs.

What Do I Get with HID Integration?

Digitalize with confidence, thanks to a full range of features that support a safe and enhanced user experience:

Now is the time for banks to think on their feet and respond to the changing financial landscape with agility. Integrating Temenos Infinity with HID features that are customizable for your organization’s unique needs may be the answer.

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Temenos MarketPlace - HID Global – Partner