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Local presence in different regions and markets is a must nowadays for global product providers

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The cooperation between Temenos Providers, IMS and ABRIS has been long time in the making. We stepped into contact at the beginning of 2018 and our mutual interest was explored through online discussions and personal meetings during business trips and at major banking IT events. The more we’ve got to know each other and each other’s products, the clearer it has become that there is a great opportunity for partnership right in front of us. The fact that both companies are Temenos MarketPlace members has been the bedrock for the evolution of the trust between us – not to mention a great professional footing for a shared business venture.

Under our partnership agreement, IMS has become a certified GAMMA implementation and support partner in the MENA region. Everyone wins. ABRIS’ core banking operation tool, GAMMA is a great fit for the IMS portfolio. In turn, IMS’ Temenos-related expertise and local relevance are welcome assets for ABRIS, further improving our strategic presence in the region. And let us not forget another advantage ABRIS has gained from the cooperation: we can refer another highly useful and trustworthy solution to our clients worldwide – which is IMS’ cutting-edge reporting tool, I-DO.

„I’m delighted to expand our partner network in the MENA region with such a valuable partner, and even a fellow Temenos MarketPlace member, as IMS. Local presence in different regions and markets is a must nowadays for global product providers, like ABRIS. This is especially true in the Middle East where experience in local culture and language is an important added value for providers.

IMS brings extensive knowledge and regional experience, as well as a local presence, to this deal. ABRIS and IMS’ certified GAMMA experts together will be able to serve GAMMA clients locally, onsite in the Middle East. We are happy to support IMS with our knowledge and International experience, and help them spread their solution worldwide.” Zsolt Godry, ABRIS, CEO.

Commenting on this partnership, Imad Habchi GM at IMS added: “Becoming an ABRIS Partner allows us to offer the full ABRIS Solutions to our customers in the Middle East and Africa, through our Local certified team for both implementations and support we will act as an extension to ABRIS in the MENA Region, while benefiting from an expansion in our market reach for both our T24 Certified team and or own cutting-edge reporting tool I-DO. All of this couldn’t have been possible without the care and dedication ABRIS Team lead by Zsolt Godry has shown us the past year. We are honoured to be partnering with such an amazing group of people offering a state-of-the-art portfolio that would be considered an added value to any Temenos customer in the world.”

But the biggest winners of the agreement are Temenos clients in the MENA region. They will benefit not only from using T24 and GAMMA, but also the T24 know-how of Temenos MarketPlace members IMS and ABRIS – not to mention the easily accessible, local tech support, boosted by region-specific banking industry expertise. On this note, ABRIS CEO Zsolt Godry added, “I highly recommend Temenos MarketPlace. It is comprehensive and reliable; it’s the ultimate source of T24-related solutions and experts. Whatever your company needs in this niche, you’ll find it there.”

The first result of the cooperation is already in: with the assistance of IMS, the National Bank of Kuwait Egypt has decided to purchase GAMMA.

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