Were you there? Well, if you were, then you certainly have the power to achieve!

Kevin Barth – RVP of Sales – West Coast

Were you there? Well, if you were, then you certainly have the power to achieve! Just a little over a week ago over 340 customers and 26 exhibitors make their way back down to Orlando, Florida for the annual Temenos Educational Conference. Ok, if I am being honest, it is SUPPOSED to be annual… but Mother Nature had other ideas for our 2017 conference; making the 2018 version highly anticipated.

This year’s conference is definitely one for the record books. How about… most attended Temenos Educational conference… most exhibitors at the conference… biggest buzz from any session Temenos has ever presented… most cocktail hours ever (we understand if you need to call it “networking time”)! Seriously though, WYWHBH.

Keynote speaker, Mark Sanborn, kicked off the conference with a timely and very appropriate discussion on how good you are and how good you can be. From there we were off and running! By the end of the first night everyone was buzzing (no, it wasn’t from the welcome reception either… I hope). Come to think of it, the buzzing was probably coming from the announcement of the 2019 Pioneer Award, how it is changing and the pretty fantastic prizes for next year’s winner! Wait, you didn’t attend? You didn’t hear that big announcement? WYWHBH!!! Don’t you worry; our fabulous marketing team at Temenos has you covered. They will be sending out information to all of our customers, so be on the lookout for details surrounding the 2019 Pioneer Award, especially if you missed out on the unveiling in Orlando.

Over the next two days, Temenos presented numerous sessions and industry speakers that centered around “The Power To Achieve”, this year’s theme. With this being my second Temenos conference I thought I knew what to expect over these two days. Well, my expectations were certainly surpassed. The usual engagement in the sessions and the exhibitor networking reached all-time highs for sure. Customers wanted to absorb as much as they could in order to take their financial institutions to the next level! The common theme around most of the exhibitors was, “I wish I would have brought more team members.” That is how busy each one of our exhibitors were during the entire conference. That engagement was incredible to see every day. Customers were sharing ideas and best practices with one another while seeing how they can enhance their member/customer experience by partnering with some new exhibitors that were showcased in Orlando. The buzz hit its highest crescendo on the last day of the conference. Temenos introduced a brand new session that has never been presented previously; “Power Hour”. Think, “speed dating” but with a financial services technology twist. The response was incredible! Direct quotes from customers included, “Best session I have ever attended at a Temenos conference”, “This needs to be longer than 60 minutes”, and my favorite, “This better be at next year’s conference”. Wait, you didn’t attend? You didn’t experience Power Hour? WYWHBH!!! Don’t worry though, I have a sneaking suspicion that it WILL be back next year… better than ever.

So there you have it, The Power to Achieve was alive, the excitement was infectious and the synergy between customers, exhibitors and the Temenos staff was incredible. One final first for the Temenos Educational Conference this year… Temenos announced NEXT YEARS conference location!!! Wait, you didn’t attend? You didn’t hear the announcement? Wish You Would Have Been Here!!! I’ll leave you with a hint or two… the year was 1975 and Elton John just released the fourth of six number 1 hits during the early and mid-1970s… see you in the city of brotherly love in 2019!

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Kevin Barth – RVP of Sales - West Coast