Abu Dhabi Global Market Partners With Temenos on FinTech Innovation Jam, Abu Dhabi 2017

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), the international financial centre in Abu Dhabi, continues to develop the regional FinTech ecosystem by bringing in and supporting initiatives such as the Temenos Innovation Jam event series; taking place in Abu Dhabi at ADGM on March 7th, 2017.

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Following on from last year’s success, Temenos will be holding five innovation jam events in 2017, with the Middle East and African heat being held in Abu Dhabi and hosted by Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), the international financial centre in Abu Dhabi, at its financial free zone. The unique set up of this event series, driven by innovation, is what continues to attract the FinTech companies and financial sector visionaries to participate and attend the Temenos Innovation Jam.

In 2016, Temenos hosted an impressive lineup of 58 FinTech companies, from over 17 countries around the world, in what it called the Temenos Innovation Jam event series. There were four regional heats: London, Miami, Singapore and Dubai – where these FinTech companies perfected their 7-minute demo of their innovative products and solutions. The final event that took place in Barcelona, had the collection of the best demos from the regional heats in front of a global audience of +1500 visionary bankers, was won by KERV and their contactless payment ring. Companies interested in book their demo slots for the 2017 regional Temenos Innovation Jam event should register prior to Feb 10th. This will give them a chance to win a place at the Global Innovation Jam finals taking place at the upcoming Temenos Community Forum (TCF) in Lisbon, Portugal, in April 2017.

ADGM announced its vision to be the FinTech hub in the MENA region in March 2016. In November, launched the first Regulatory Laboratory (“RegLab”) in the MENA region to offer a controlled environment for FinTech players to develop and test their innovative solutions without being subject to full burden of regulatory requirements. These solutions will serve to further the development of the financial services sector in Abu Dhabi and the UAE. As part of its commitment, ADGM will also provide appropriate regulatory support and guidance to help FinTech participants understand and apply the relevant regulatory requirements as they scale their businesses.

Mr Richard Teng, Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Regulatory Services Authority, ADGM,

“The partnership with Temenos is a further testament of ADGM’s commitment in developing a dynamic and sustainable FinTech ecosystem for financial and FinTech participants in Abu Dhabi and regionally. We look forward to welcoming the regional FinTech talents and participants from Innovation Jam to ADGM and Abu Dhabi. We will continue to work closely with strategic partners and stakeholders to support innovations and business opportunities.”

Temenos and ADGM look forward to welcoming one of the most influential FinTech Gurus and international speaker, whose name is yet to be revealed. The Temenos Innovation Jam, Abu Dhabi will include demo presentations from 10 regional Fintech companies showcasing their innovations to a wide audience of bankers, regulators and FinTech enthusiasts who can attend for free as delegates by registering on the event page.

Ben Robinson, Chief Marketing Officer at Temenos said:

“The lid is yet to come off the FinTech scene in the Middle East and Africa. This region is buzzing with innovation and we are particularly excited to meet the regional movers and shakers of this sector. We would like to bring forward our collaborative platform to MEA’s innovative entrepreneurs and give them access to a unique opportunity to engage and gain exposure to the more than 2,000 financial institutions running our software. We are delighted to be partnering this year with a visionary body such as ADGM who believes and supports our Temenos Innovation Jam, Abu Dhabi event on March 7th. As a broad-based regulator of financial and non-financial services, ADGM’s support of our initiative exhibits their diligence and commitment to continue to develop and foster the regional and international FinTech space.”

For more information, visit the Innovation Jam Abu Dhabi page.

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