MarketPlace Update: Looking to Reach New Customers in Emerging Markets With Mobile Banking Services?

Bibitel’s Money Wallet is now available on the Temenos MarketPlace and offers a white label, cross-platform mobile banking service that can efficiently help you grow your customer base in emerging markets.

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Money Wallet utilises a Bibitel trademarked solution called the Sim Skin®, a wafer-thin membrane that a user applies to their sim card, which enables secure P2P/P2M payments to anywhere in the world, across all networks. Money Wallet offers an instant, encrypted SMS-based banking experience that runs on feature phone or smart phone, provides full tokenisation for every transaction and, most importantly, connects directly to Temenos Mobile Banking to enable access to end user bank accounts.

Bibitel’s Omair Babar, Marketing & Communications, said:

“Bibitel are very excited to offer Mobile Wallet on the Temenos MarketPlace, giving banks a simple, competitive way to offer mobile banking services to the 2.5bn potential unbanked customers throughout Asia, Africa and LATAM.”

Aaron Phethean, MarketPlace Product Director, said:

“Money Wallet provides a ready-made, cross-platform, branchless solution you can deploy with ease to grow your customer base and offer a response to M-Pesa type customer experiences. With Mobile Wallet, Bibitel has created a secure, integrated mobile teller experience that will run on any sim-enabled device providing banks with the ability to offer services to untapped emerging markets.”

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