Marketplace Update: Would You Use More Core Banking Automation If You Could?

What if you could automate some of the manual procedures involved in the banking close of business (COB) workload, to reduce the risk of human error and speed up the process?

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Automic’s ONE Automation works seamlessly with Temenos Core Banking to automate all COB workload processes, and other surrounding procedures, such as file transfers, backups and reporting, or any other utility that may run alongside core banking processes.

Nabil Ben Abdallah, vice president of sales for the Middle East at Automic, said:

“Through our work with Temenos, we are able to provide our client base with complete control over their close of business processing”

He added:

“Together we provide customers, particularly those in the Financial Services sector, with the compliance and reliability they need to avoid errors or delays, both of which can have a significant, direct impact on an organization’s bottom line. We’re excited to partner with Temenos and provide our clients with two world-class solutions, ensuring they are efficient and responsive when completing their close of business process.”

Aaron Phethean, MarketPlace Product Director, commented:

“Automating all the operational processes is the only feasible way to run a complex operation. Temenos software plays a central part in 100’s of mission critical banking systems and we recognise the automation of the links to other systems, upgrade and maintenance tasks, and schedule daily activities is fundamental to our customers success in running those operations. One Automation brings business critical COB processes into an intuitive GUI, reducing human access to the system and offers additional insights through real-time dashboards. We are delighted to have Automic join the Temenos MarketPlace”.

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