Marketplace Update: End-To-End Core Banking Search Encryption With Inpher

With _ultra Encrypted Query Module, software development teams can add an extra layer of security to sensitive data, allowing end users to safely run queries against cloud based customer data in a flexible and scalable manner.

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Sensitive data is sent as an encrypted document to the core banking search engine using the Encrypted Query Module. The index, search queries and results are all encrypted end-to-end, so the hosting provider, Inpher or Temenos have no visibility on the plaintext, allowing customers to leverage the scalability and efficiency of the public cloud with continued peace of mind. Additionally, Inpher uses proprietary obfuscation techniques to protect against static attacks on the encrypted index.

Jordan Brandt, CEO and Co-founder at Inpher, said:

“Seamlessly integrated into the T24 architecture, Temenos customers can leverage the scalability of cloud computing for federated search safe in the knowledge that the indices, keywords and results are all encrypted end-to-end, and the hosting provider has no visibility into the data they are computing.”

Aaron Phethean, MarketPlace Product Director, Temenos added:

“Real-time encrypted search is the ultimate defence against prying eyes and a reassuring tool for banking security experts. Inpher have provided an enterprise-grade development platform for encrypting and interrogating terabytes of data across thousands of users, so you can be sure your sensitive search data will stay private.”

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