Temenos Completes Its 2014 Share Buyback Programme

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GENEVA, Switzerland, 17 November 2014 – Temenos AG (SIX: TEMinN), the market leading provider of mission-critical software to financial institutions globally, today announces the early termination of its 2014 share buyback programme

Having reached its stated objective of repurchasing up to USD 120m of Temenos shares, the 2014 share buyback programme initiated on 17 June 2014 is now complete. In total, 3,270,794 registered shares of the company were bought back at an average price per share of CHF 34.08 on a second trading line on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

These shares represent 4.7% of the company’s share capital. All shares repurchased under the buyback programme will be proposed for cancellation in a capital reduction at the AGM in 2015.

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