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Everyone’s Banking Platform: Insights from TCF 2022

The theme of TCF 2022 was Everyone’s Banking Platform.

Because through our Open Platform for Composable Banking, Temenos and our partners can create opportunities for everyone in the future of banking.

If you missed the event, this interactive report is for you.

For 28 years, Temenos has been on a mission to put you at the forefront of banking, and we are excited to make you the banking leaders of the future.

This report is a first step on that journey. It centers around the key discussions at our Temenos Community Forum 2022 in London. It builds understanding of banking’s new horizon, identifies the key requirements for your technology platform, and uncovers how lasting customer relationships, scale and sustainable banking can hold the key to your success.

I hope this report starts a conversation that you can continue with our team, to see what Everyone’s Banking Platform can do for you”.

Max Chuard,  
CEO, Member of Executive Community, Temenos

The report is organized in three main sections

The banking landscape 

The first step to succeeding in the future of banking is to understand the landscape.  

This section uncovers the drivers behind the changes in banking, the new approaches replacing the traditional models and the shift in mindset that will be required to adapt. It also features research from Capgemini on where traditional banks stand on the journey, and what they need to drive further progress. 

Building your platform 

The road to success in the future of banking involves a number of potential paths.  

Whether that’s Banking-as-a-Platform, as-a-Service, or another option. Whatever strategy you go with, the technology platform required to power these new business models must have common characteristics. It must be composable. 

The keys to success 

This final section uncovers the keys to success in the future of banking.  

We look at how to create lasting customer relationships through empathetic banking. And AWS describes how, by working in partnership, we create more value. We show how you can not only scale your solutions up in volume, but also broaden them through the power of the ecosystem.  

Download the report to check all TCF 2022 insights

TCF 2023 will be taking place in Vienna on 9-11th May 2023

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