Introducing TLC Engine

The complete digital change management platform. The TLC Engine is a digitalized software service providing Temenos Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), as well as our official product training material.

Highly configurable, it also supplies you with a location to record your unique, client specific Business Processes and SOP.

Our Engine can intelligently link differing technologies and manual business processes, providing a complete solution to train, test and certify our clients teams regardless of location or size of implementation.


When you choose industry leading Temenos software and begin a software transformation project it’s right to focus on technical and architecture requirements but key to a project success is your staff’s engagement, knowledge and ability to utilize your new system to its full potential. So we’ve developed TLC engine.

It’s a complete digital change management platform. One solution provides everything you need to support and train your most important asset – your people.

You get immediate access to the latest standard Temenos business processes and product training collateral for each of your tomorrow’s modules, but TLC engine isn’t just a fully featured training tool, its personalized support.

Our experienced change management team will work with you to shape a knowledge management strategy to suit your unique business. From project inception to transformation of business as usual. TLC Engine isn’t just for our award-winning products, it can also include other systems.

One solution trains everyone on every piece of software in each business process. It can even include manual steps.

This flexibility makes TLC engine the right choice for any transformation project of any size or level of complexity. Beyond your successful transformation project.

TLC engine can be used to quickly update or create new business processes. Ensuring your teams stay up to date with changing banking regulations and it remains a fully documented, up-to-date training repository.

An essential tool or on boarding new staff and an enduring asset for your bank. A software transformation project success depends on your team’s ability to use the software and TLC engine looks after your team.

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