Introducing TLC Online

TLC Online is our cloud-based, digital learning platform for 24×7 access to the latest Temenos training, software and certification. TLC Online is part of the Temenos Learning Community, the answer to accessible, official Temenos training and the growing, global demand for Temenos experts.


In 2017, Temenos and its partners took 251 financial institutions live on its market leading software.

Every one of these implementations needed experts with relevant project experience.

And driven by the industry-leading investment in its products and technologies, the global demand for Temenos certified resources is growing.

So we have extended our existing knowledge transfer and certification capabilities by creating TLC online, part of the Temenos learning community, a place for you to build your expertise learn and share knowledge, a place to progress your career however much you know Temenos.

It’s easy to get started just complete your profile and you’re part of the growing Temenos community.

Membership is on an individual basis, it’s your profile, your career.

One annual subscription plan gives you unlimited access to online learning material across Temenos Suites products and technology.

You’ll get hands-on with your own cloud-based familiarisation model banks and books, helping you gain valuable experience and build confidence working with Temenos products.

Gain credits and get certified by taking official examinations online from anywhere in the world with our TLC certification program.

We’ll guide you from member to innovator level on each Temenos suite.

TLC online is where our clients and partners go to find experts.

They can build a trusted Temenos accredited team based on location and experience.

TLC online is a place to grow your network of colleagues, build your career opportunities and help shape the future of Temenos.

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