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Temenosity: Our Secret Sauce

As we celebrate 25 years since Temenos first opened for business, we have taken the opportunity to define what makes Temenos ‘Temenos’. Discover more about our ‘secret sauce’ or Temenosity as we like to call it.

ARB Apex Bank experience with Temenos

Listen to Michael Appiah, Head of Operations, ARB Apex Bank talking about improving access to secure, convenient digital banking services among rural communities in Ghana

St. Raphael’s Garda Credit Union – Video Testimonial

Listen to Claire Byrne, Chief Executive Officer at St. Raphael's Garda Credit Union talking about fostering long-term loyalty with seamless, always-on digital services for the Ireland’s national police force and their families

Making Banking Inclusive

Banking can make peoples' lives better. Learn how Temenos' Financial Inclusion solution empowers banks and other organizations to make people's lives better through financial access and innovation.

WB Finance – Video Testimonial

Mr. Chanveasna Heang, Head of Projects, WB Finance talks about how by upgrading to the latest version of Temenos Transact Inclusive Banking, WB Finance gained new capabilities that will help it to achieve operational efficiencies, improve customer service and seize competitive advantage.

Video: Temenos Inclusive Banking

Offering digital is now essential for community banks in supporting inclusive banking. Temenos Inclusive Banking solutions provides community banks with their own digital services, keeping customer spend within their own community-banking network, will be the banks that grow and serve their communities.