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Temenosity: Our Secret Sauce

As we celebrate 25 years since Temenos first opened for business, we have taken the opportunity to define what makes Temenos ‘Temenos’. Discover more about our ‘secret sauce’ or Temenosity as we like to call it.

Mirabaud experience with Temenos

Listen to Francois Leyss, COO at Mirabaud talking about Digital end-to-end transformation for Wealth Management Services

Blueshore Financial – Video Testimonial

Fred Cook, CIO, BlueShore Financial talking about driving multi-billion-dollar growth and preparing for Canada’s open banking future with personalized, data-driven services

The Power of Personalization with AI

In this session, explore how BlueShore Financial is approaching strategic growth through a number of recent initiatives. In the midst of the pandemic, they completed a core upgrade, ensuring their systems are ready for the future, and remained hyper-focused on their customers, using AI to evaluate changes in income and behavior to ensure personalized assistance was available if/when it was needed.