Demo video: Hyper-personalizing the banking experience with Temenos and Salesforce

The banking industry is going through an unprecedented business model change. Customers demand a hyper-personalized experience across digital and assisted channels that build trust and loyalty.

Temenos and Salesforce joined forces to bring together the #1 digital banking platform with the #1 CRM platform. With Temenos Infinity Digital for Salesforce, banks can reinvent the banking experience by combining the relational and transactional capabilities on a single platform.

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Watch a demo and walk through an online loan application from start to finish, showing both the customer’s and relationship manager’s views as the client completes its application in a few clicks.

What you will see:

  • Personalized experience with tailor-made offers corresponding to the customer’s needs, thanks to AI and leveraging the existing data
  • Experience focus: simple and intituive interactions, seamlessly connected across physical and digital touchpoints
  • Direct conversation with the relationship manager through the app: convenience and immediate availability