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Temenos Digital Banking Forum 2023: Indonesia 

9 Mar, 2023

Pullman Hotel, Jakarta | 9 March 2023

9:00am – 1:30pm

Indonesia’s banking sector is marching towards a digital revolution, and over the last few years, Indonesia has seen a significant economic boost led by the digital banking. How can the modern Indonesia banker set themselves up for success as we enter into the new era of digital banking in Indonesia? 

Join us as we connect with banking professionals across Indonesia, and exchange insights on key digital banking trends, impactful digital banking, SME digital banking, and cloud banking. Explore and unlock what will propel Indonesian banking forward and how to build the model Indonesian digital bank for the future.




Umarudin, Country Director, Temenos Indonesia


  • Digital banking landscape in Asia Pacific and impact of global, regional, and national market forces on digital banking for APAC, ASEAN
  • Key digital banking trends in Asia Pacific: Banking-as-a-Service, Embedded Finance, Hyper-Personalized Banking, and its related new business models
  • Critical success factors, best-in-class practices, and innovation for successful digital banking in Asia Pacific


Luca Durisotto, Financial Specialist Asia, Amazon Web Services


  • Current digital banking practices in Indonesia and how economic, cultural, regional factors are shaping digital banking in Indonesia
  • Critical success factors, best-in-class practices, and innovation for successful digital banking in Indonesia
  • Case study: Innovation journey of a modern Indonesian digital bank


Swapnil Deshmukh, Regional Director – Infinity Digital Banking, Temenos


Arfianto Ramadhian, Head of Digital Transformasi Banking, Bank BJB

Haruka Ikegami, President Director, PT Saison Modern Finance


  • SME, the underbanked sector of opportunity for the digital bank
  • Nuances of SME digital banking
  • Art of the possible: How a modern SME digital banking experience could look like


Rohini Goyal, Regional Head of Digital Solutions, APAC


  • Designing and delivering financial services based on the rapid and flexible assembly of independent, best-for-purpose systems
  • Building a daily, ever-evolving, SaaS framework that can be scaled rapidly to future-proof banking offerings


Zannettos Zannettou, SaaS Principal Consultant, Temenos Asia Pacific


  • Digital lending and the new opportunities it offers for financial services collections
  • End-to-end debt management and how it enables financial institutions to lower costs for debt collections, increase collections rate, and build stronger customer engagement and retention
  • A modern Indonesian debt collections process and how it supports the Indonesian banks’ overall collections strategy


Umarudin, Country Director, Temenos Indonesia


Yongkie, Principal Consultant, Temenos Indonesia


  • Highlighting how key digital banking trends in Asia Pacific are impacting the path of survival for retail banks in our region
  • Illustrating how the CEO Navigator has provided a compass for leading banks through data collected from ~150 banks globally
  • Showcasing how we can help you to navigate choppy waters and guide your bank to fulfil its potential of becoming more efficient, more open and more accessible for current and future generations of banking customers


Timothy Xie, Customer Value Director, Temenos Asia Pacific



Umarudin, Country Director, Temenos Indonesia


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