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Temenos Cloud Forum 2023: Indonesia

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta | 06 July

Cloud banking is a rapidly evolving market force impacting financial services globally. As Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) forges ahead with the Blueprint for Digital Banking Transformation to effect a resilient, competitive, and contributing banking industry in Indonesia, how could the advent of Cloud banking provide that impetus to propel Indonesia into a digital future? How does Lifecycle Banking empower the modern Indonesia banker to tap into new opportunities as we enter into the age of embedded finance in Indonesia?

Join us as we connect with banking professionals across Indonesia, and exchange insights on Key Banking Innovation Trends, Lifecycle Banking, SaaS, and Cloud Banking. Explore and unlock what will propel Indonesian banking forward and how to build the Indonesian digital bank for the future centered around Lifecycle Banking for Indonesia.




Speaker: Umarudin, Country Director, Temenos Indonesia


Speaker: Michael Arenata, AWS Financial Services – ASEAN Banking

  • Current banking innovation landscape in Asia Pacific, the impact of global, regional, and national market forces on banking innovation for APAC, ASEAN.
  • The Cloud Banking imperative and how it impacts the financial services industry in Indonesia.


Speaker: Navin Dulani, Tech M


Speaker: Paul Kristandi Tanu, Senior Manager, Solution Architecture



Moderator: Ashutosh Nautiyal, Associate Principal Consultant, Temenos Asia Pacific

Speaker: Hammad Rasool, Co-Founder & Director, Xpert Digital


Speaker: Rahul, Senior Solutions Consultant, Business Solutions, Temenos Asia Pacific

  • Composable banking – Defining the opportunities and what it offers Indonesian banks, and how it can be a competitve advantage as Indonesia enters the digital age.
  • Art of the Possible: How composable banking could look like for a modern Indonesian Bank.
  • Reshaping banking with Cloud Banking; key opportunities for Indonesian Banks via Composable Banking.


Speaker: CK Loy, Principal Consultant, Business Solutions, Temenos Asia Pacific

  • Understanding the demand for AI to be explainable in banking
  • Harnessing near real time banking data for AI driven hyper-personalisation of banking customer’s financial planning
  • Exploiting Explainable AI to minimise cost of financial crime and enhance customer’s journey


Speaker: Zannettos Zannettou, SaaS Principal Consultant, Temenos Asia Pacific

  • Data, the untapped asset within banks and the opportunities it offers for the modern Asian Bank.
  • Data, Secuity, and Regulatory Compliance as the new competitive advantage for Indonesian banks.
  • Data management best practices for Cloud Banking.


Moderator: Rahul, Senior Solutions Consultant, Business Solutions, Temenos Asia Pacific


Michael Arenata, AWS Financial Services – ASEAN Banking

Pak Sajal, Allo Bank, Digital Banking Director

  • Winning customers by ‘banking’ on important milestones in their life stages, bringing a human touch to banking, creating world-class experiences, and highly tailored offerings.
  • Technology and it’s enabling of Lifecycle Banking. How Cloud Banking provides the keys to unlocking next-generation Customer Experiences.
  • Key tools and engagement strategies from Cloud Banking that empowers employees to build stronger customer relationships, drive productivity, satisfaction and overall bank profitability.


Speaker: Umarudin, Country Director, Temenos Indonesia


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