ETFs: The Good, The Bad, The Opportunity

An in-depth technology-focused discussion with ETF industry expert, Nerina Visser

Technology’s role in the ETF industry

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are the fastest growing rules-based investment around the world, with some healthy competition amongst asset managers to top the tables as lead issuer. But one of the industry’s biggest challenges is making sure that, whilst passive investments deliver for the end investor, they don’t cost the asset manager to serve.

To explore this topic, we caught up with industry expert Nerina Visser, Director & Co-owner at etfSA Portfolio Management Company, to find out how the ETF industry has been performing the last 2 years, what market changes have impacted the way investors engage with asset managers and how a fresh perspective on ETF administration can benefit asset managers and investors, whilst keeping the regulators happy.

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain insight in to how the industry is evolving, as well as hear Nerina’s predictions and wishes for a competitive, healthy and growing ETF future.

“Despite the growth in AUM across the industry, revenues have remained flat… In order to remain profitable, administrators and asset managers need to focus on their costs. That is an area where we see technology playing a bigger and more important role”

Nerina Visser, Director & Co-owner at etfSA Portfolio Management Company

Key topics covered

  1. The importance of transparency and aggregation of underlying data
  2. Innovation and collaboration to improve regulatory reporting
  3. The untapped opportunity for institutional investors
  4. Engaging investors through conversational alpha
  5. Adding new value for clients through ETF administration

Meet the speakers

Nerina Visser
Director & Co-owner at etfSA Portfolio Management Company

Nerina Visser is an ETF Strategist and Advisor, offering consulting and advisory services to the investment industry, financial advisors and private individuals with a specialist focus on Exchange Traded Products, benchmark indices and rules-based investment solutions. She is a director and co-owner of the etfSA Portfolio Management Company, a registered financial services provider, where she oversees the management of specialist investment portfolios of Exchange Traded Products for a broad range of clients.

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Marlene Miller-Bake
Regional Manager, Africa & Middle East Temenos Multifonds

With over 20 years’ experience working in the financial industry, Marlene is a highly respected individual with expertise across equities, derivatives, bonds, money market and foreign instruments, built from a background in dealing, as well as Fintech.nWith focus on the Middle East and African markets, she supports asset managers and fund administrators with their technology needs. A key part of this role is building long-lasting relationships, as she advises and guides clients through their transformation journey, as they seek new ways of digitizing, becoming more operationally efficient and reducing risk.

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