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IslamicSuite, with its scalable innovative technology, provides superior features for lslamic banks to offer their customers Shari'ah compliant products and services that rival their Islamic or conventional counterparts. 

IslamicSuite-CollageIslamic issues

Islamic banks are growing faster than their conventional counterparts. To maintain this growth Islamic banks must reinvent their business models. However, Islamic banks face a range of issues. Islamic banking profitability generally lags behind that of conventional banking in the same markets, with operating expenses on average being 50% higher. Many Islamic banking processes remain manual, involving a multitude of documents and layers of decision makers. In addition, expensive products, service levels lower than conventional banking, and an inability to create tailor made products means that Islamic product holding is significantly lower (2.1 per cent) than the conventional average of 4.9 per cent. In summary, issues include:

  • Challenging market entry
  • Operating inefficiency and rising costs
  • Poor product penetration
  • Low quality products and services
  • Limited Shari'ah wealth functionality
  • Limited automation
  • Risk is not fully managed

How our solution helps

IslamicSuite services the Islamic banking community with Shari'ah compliant, flexible solutions that have been specifically designed to support wealth, retail, corporate and treasury bank needs. This range of highly scalable, established solutions means that you can now easily and efficiently create new Islamic banking products, offering world class services that rival your Islamic or conventional counterparts

Temenos' IslamicSuite customers benefit from increased efficiency and profitability through:

  • Full automation and increased straight through processing rates
  • 31% higher return on assets
  • -8.6 point lower cost-to-income ratio
  • 36% higher return on capital
  • Reduced development time by 40%
  • Quality customer products and services available quickly and cost effectively
  • Growth at double target rate
  • Adopting a pre-configured solution based on Shari'ah industry standard
  • Offering advanced Shari'ah wealth management services

What's included

IslamicSuite offers a range of Shari'ah compliant solutions that support retail, treasury, wealth and corporate banks. In addition, Islamic banks can also benefit from all relevant core banking, analytics, multi-channel and risk related modules. The main modules that are available (but are not limited to) are:

  • Islamic Corporate
  • Islamic Trade Finance
  • Islamic Deposit Builder
  • Islamic Product Builder
  • Islamic Retail
  • Islamic Treasury
  • Islamic Portfolio Manager
  • Islamic Profit Distribution
  • Microfinance modulesa
  • Core-banking modules

IslamicSuite combines processing scale with flexibility. Through use of advanced development tools, including pre-configured services and workflows, you can now accommodate rapid expansion in existing business areas, and adapt quickly to evolving customer needs for new products and services. This gives you first-mover advantage over competitors and allows you to offer a superior level of service.

IslamicSuite has been designed with efficiency as a priority. Most routine processes can be automated, supporting straight through processing (STP), reducing the number of errors and the need for manual intervention, and driving down operating costs.

IslamicSuite eBrochure

Flexible and efficient Shari’ah compliant solutions to rival conventional banking.


How it's delivered

IslamicSuite is available on-premise or in the Cloud, according to your individual needs. As a growing preferred solution for the Islamic banking community, the Cloud gives access to enterprise-level IT at an affordable price, whilst ensuring Islamic law compliance. We work with a global network of leading business, technology and services partners to reduce implementation risk, enable a faster time-to-market and provide innovation. 

Islamic Expert Services are available to support our Islamic banking clients prepare and implement our IslamicSuite modules. Our Expert Services group offers both one-off tailored consultancy, as well as a wide range of packaged or productised services. IslamicSuite clients can benefit from:

  1. Islamic Banking – Expert Consultancy
  2. Islamic Banking – Assurance and Governance

Productized services are delivered in an efficient way, maintaining high quality and offering the bank great benefits.

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