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Instant Payments

Real Real-Time Payments

Ensure you have a truly real-time payments solution that can adapt with scheme rules and your needs. A cost efficient solution that brings you seamless real-time payments; not just at transaction level but for the whole process.

Real-time payments, often referred to as instant payments, are now considered 'the new normal '. Across the world, real-time payments systems and infrastructures are being planned or rolled out, and with regulatory deadlines fast approaching (or anticipated) banks must not fail to plan for this new infrastructure.

Instant credit transfers should be processed within just a few seconds but to truly benefit from the opportunities that real-time offer, banks should ensure the full process is real-time, not just the payment process. Temenos real-time payment solution allows banks to easily implement and benefit from real-time payments now. Adapting to their needs and changing scheme requirements, to offer real real-time.

Instant Payments brochure

Real-time payments, or instant payments, are now considered ‘the new normal'.



  • 24/7 instant payments processing
  • Imni channel support
  • Generic workflows and rules
  • Real-time accounting, status, information, dashboards etc.
  • Exceptions handling
  • Cloud or on premise solution
  • Stand alone or embedded solution
  • Supports domestic and international systems (EBA RT1, The Dutch Instant Payments system, UK Faster Payments, US...) in parallel