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Results are in! Shifting Sands: Banking in the Digital Era

By Larry Edgar-Smith 25 Nov 2015

Larry Edgar-Smith | SVP, Product Evangelism


Happy Thanksgiving dear readers!

Perhaps I’m a little early, but I was thinking about all of you who will be gadding about for the holiday, and I thought to myself, “They could use something to read as they travel by train/plane/automobile”. (Unless you’re operating the vehicle, in which case please keep your eyes on the track/sky/road.)

Fear not! I have solved your lack-of-reading-material dilemma. Today, Temenos released their 8th annual global banking survey, co-produced with Capgemini, entitled “Shifting Sands: Banking in the Digital Era”. More than just a survey with a series of bar graphs and pie charts, this report analyzes global financial industry trends and highlights significant change in the industry’s priorities as the pace of digitization has increased. For instance, IT modernization is now a top priority (up from 4th place last year) as our industry recognizes the critical role of technology in building customer intimacy and, by extension, competing effectively against new competitors. Fear not, delivery channels remains in the top three of investment priorities.

So while you are on your way to a nice turkey (or tofurkey) dinner, thinking of conversation starters for long-lost relatives, I highly recommend reading through Shifting Sands. I bet the new spouse of your great aunt twice-removed would be impressed to hear that 82,000 US branches are facing transformation from transaction-based to consultative centers.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Akcelerant and Temenos USA!

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