Knights of the Roundtable – discussing banking when ere we’re able

What's more fun than a Monty Python sketch? Well, we kicked off the first in a series of Architects' Roundtables recently and... it came close!

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The writing’s on the wall for the bank ‘batch run’

When I was living in the States, shortly after the turn of the Millennium, I applied for a mortgage.

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Core modernization driving digital transformation

Individuals now demand a similar customer experience when managing their finances as they enjoy from the likes of Amazon and Google – and if they don't get it are quick to look elsewhere.

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The Bank of 20XX

Ever since cash dispensers became automated teller machines (ATMs) pundits have regularly said that the large retail banks are going to have to change their core systems or they will lose their custom

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Banking in the Cloud: From hype to reality

This white paper outlines why we believe there are compelling reasons to think that all banks will be forced to move their infrastructure to the cloud within the next ten years.

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Removing the shackles: how branch accounting stifles efficiency and innovation in retail banking

In June 2012, a simple error caused the batch run of branch accounting at a major UK high street bank to fail, and rendered the bank unable to service customers properly for over six weeks...

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