Trusted Novus Bank, the oldest established bank in Gibraltar, is envisioning to transform its banking services to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital era, grow its database and improve digital customer experience. To bring this vision to life, Trusted Novus Bank’s legacy core and front office system will be replaced with Temenos Transact and Temenos Infinity on the Temenos Banking Cloud to ensure agility and flexibility of systems.

Through Temenos Banking Cloud’s ability to self-provision banking services, a sandbox to create and test applications, and a marketplace of pre-integrated fintech solutions, Trusted Novus Bank will have the ability to now create personalized, real-time customer experiences for the everyday banking needs of its retail, corporate and private banking clients. Trusted Novus Bank expects this technology adaptation to allow employees to focus on value-adding, customer-facing activities and essentially meet its goal to grow its customer base over the short to medium-term.

“With the Temenos Banking Cloud, we can deliver personalized, real-time customer experiences on a scalable platform that will foster innovation and keep the bank at the forefront of technology, and at the same time be true to our vision and values.”

Christian Bjørløw, CEO at Trusted Novus Bank