Part of the Rakuten Group, Rakuten Europe Bank, with a unique ecosystem of 70+ businesses and over 1.6 billion members worldwide, partners with Temenos to provide a resilient, secure, and fully compliant service to power Rakuten Europe Bank in Luxembourg, one of the most tightly regulated banking markets in Europe. The implementation for Rakuten Europe Bank will include pre-composed Temenos Banking Services for Payments and Accounts. Powered by Temenos open platform, Rakuten Europe Bank will accelerate its growth across Europe and will allow the Bank to continue to enhance the member experience, speed the development of new products, and enter new markets.

“The move to the Temenos Banking Cloud is an important milestone for Rakuten Europe Bank in its ongoing expansion in Europe. It provides the flexibility we need to scale and extend our banking services. Ultimately, our aim is to deliver more value and innovation to enhance the experience for our members in the region”

Toshihiko Otsuka, Chief Executive Officer at Rakuten Europe Bank,