At a glance

• Onboard customers in 5 minutes instead of 60 minutes

• Straight-through processing for 95% of onboarding processes

92% faster to compile loan documentation

Reduce the cost of customer acquisition and servicing

• Provide great digital customer experiences

• Built a new front-to back solution on the Temenos banking cloud

Recently, Challenger, an Australian investment management firm, acquired MyLife MyFinance. In an Australian market dominated by the “Big Four” banks, MyLife MyFinance aims to offer a genuine alternative to the leading players. Headquartered in Melbourne, the bank promises customers fair, ethical, and simple savings and lending products and services, which help them to build a brighter and more prosperous future. MyLife MyFinance, innovation means finding ways to deliver new value to those customers.

Mark Sawyer, General Manager at MyLife MyFinance, explains: “We consider ourselves a niche bank, targeting consumers looking for a transparent, low-fee service. Although we are not aiming to compete directly with the giant retail banks, we want to create a compelling and market-relevant value proposition that compares favorably with their offerings and ensures that we serve our customers well.”

As part of this strategy, MyLife MyFinance looked to design a more engaging, frictionless digital experience. For example, the bank wanted to accelerate onboarding processes that previously consisted of many time-consuming, manual steps. MyLife MyFinance also aimed to introduce self-service capabilities that would give customers greater flexibility in how they could manage their accounts and make payments

Planning digital transformation

To develop and launch this enhanced customer journey, MyLife MyFinance realized that it would have to modernize its core and digital banking systems. Previously, the bank was using heterogeneous on-premise legacy technologies with limited functionality that restricted innovation and scalability. Using solutions from multiple vendors, MyLife MyFinance also wanted to address management workloads and operational risk.

Zvonko Balic, Chief Technology Officer at MyLife MyFinance, continues: “With our existing systems, the cost and complexity of customer onboarding and servicing was simply too high. Also, we saw that the solutions would make it difficult for us to adapt to changing regulations and hamper our ability to capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

Selecting a more agile model

To transform its technology stack, MyLife MyFinance decided to deploy Temenos front-to-back banking solutions on the Temenos banking cloud. The Temenos package combines Temenos core and digital banking, and Temenos Analytics and provides capabilities within a modern Open API-first architecture.

Mark Sawyer comments: “When assessing vendors, Temenos stood out for many reasons. First, the broad functionality of the solutions enable us to tailor our new customer journey. Also, the rich integration features allow us to connect to third-party solutions to enhance our services. Temenos also has a strong track record working with Australian and global banks, which inspires confidence that they will always deliver.”

The Temenos banking cloud also offered major advantages for MyLife MyFinance, as Zvonko Balic explains: “As a smaller, niche bank, we do not have the technology budget of the larger financial institutions. Adopting the cloud approach meant that we could focus resources on serving customers rather than managing infrastructure. Plus, we know that Temenos invests heavily in building cutting-edge new functionality, which allows us to roll out enhancements quickly and easily rather than having to perform development work ourselves.”

“Adopting the cloud approach meant that we could focus resources on serving customers rather than managing infrastructure”

Zvonko Balic, Chief Technology Officer at MyLife MyFinance

Deploying fast, despite the pandemic

To implement the solutions, MyLife MyFinance worked with Temenos and Temenos business partner Syncordis. Within 12 months, the project teams effectively built a whole new banking infrastructure from scratch in the cloud and completed the customer data migration. Travel restrictions within Australia due to the COVID-19 pandemic meant that Temenos completed two-thirds of the implementation remotely.

During the deployment, Temenos helped MyLife MyFinance to integrate the core and digital solutions with a wide array of third-party services. These include solutions for debit cards and payments, document management, fraud monitoring, customer ID verification, and automated credit decisioning for consumer mortgage and lending products.

“Being able to go live with such a diverse ecosystem of services in just 12 months was a great result. The disruption caused by the pandemic made this an especially challenging project, but Temenos provided the resources and expertise to ensure success. The engagement with their sales, account management, executive, and implementation teams has been very positive.”

Zvonko Balic, Chief Technology Officer at MyLife MyFinance

Accelerating processes by more than 90 percent

With the Temenos solutions, MyLife MyFinance strengthened its value proposition and enabled a slick, seamless customer journey that matches the offerings of larger operators. The bank now uses straight-through-processing (STP) for 95 percent of the onboarding process, which automates slow, inefficient manual workflows, reduces onboarding costs, and ensures that new customers enjoy a fast, engaging experience.

Mark Sawyer adds: “With our old systems, it would take between 24 and 48 hours to complete the customer acquisition cycle. Within that time, an employee would have to manually key in data and complete various checks on the customer. Now, due to the STP and integration capabilities of the Temenos platform, a customer can submit their application online and open an account within minutes.”
MyLife MyFinance customers also now enjoy self-service capabilities via their digital channel of choice. Users can log in to manage their deposits account and individual profile via mobile or internet banking, make payments using a digital wallet, activate and manage debit cards, and report lost or stolen cards.

Since the final consumer mortgage and lending solutions went live, MyLife MyFinance looks to accelerate the process for compiling loan contract documentation. Previously, it could take up to 60 minutes to draw together relevant documents from various source systems. With the integrated Temenos ecosystem, the bank expects to complete now the process in just 5 minutes—a 92 percent improvement.

“Now, due to the STP and integration capabilities of the Temenos platform, a customer can submit their application online and open an account within minutes.”

Mark Sawyer, General Manager at MyLife MyFinance

Spearheading a new growth strategy

Recently, Challenger, an Australian investment management firm, acquired MyLife MyFinance. As a savings and loan bank, MyLife MyFinance will give Challenger the opportunity to expand its customer base and secure retirement income offerings. The bank is confident that the self-service capabilities, STP, and scalability of the Temenos solutions will enable it to manage higher volumes of customer applications successfully. MyLife MyFinance also believes that the Temenos deployment will enable it to embrace the opportunities created by Open Banking

Mark Sawyer concludes: “As we move into a new phase in our banking journey, we are sure that the partnership with Temenos will continue to contribute to our success, helping us to adapt to evolving regulations and market conditions. So far, it has been a very rewarding collaboration, and we are looking forward to the next chapter.”

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