Centris Federal Credit Union, a community credit union headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, with assets of more than $663 million and more than 94,000 members, was seeking to improve on their existing collection management system. Searching for a real-time, user-friendly system, with flexible queuing features and robust reporting capabilities, they chose Temenos Infinity Collection. Patrick Fitzgerald, Centris Collection Manager, cited the integration between Temenos’ platform and their core provider, and the subsequent ease of integration, as providing a heightened comfort level, an important component in the decision making process.

Proven Increased Productivity

In the several years since the implementation of the Collection module, Centris has experienced an increase in the number of productive calls per day, with a corresponding increase in the number of valid contacts. Incentive programs, aided by Temenos Infinity’s performance monitoring capability, have resulted in an increase in valid contacts of 86% in a 12 month period. “Temenos Infinity allows for benchmarking and monitoring employees’ performance,” offered Mr. Fitzgerald. “This enables me to see not only what has been done, but what hasn’t been done.” He pointed to the flexibility of the collection module in giving him control to organize his department’s workflow as a valuable feature. Temenos Infinity has contributed to improved efficiency in Centris’ asset recovery effort.

Overall increase in productivity including an 86% rise in valid contacts in a 12 month period.

Looking to the Future

Centris’ choice of Temenos Infinity has turned out to be an exceptional one, as there has been a realization of significant improvement in both productivity and efficiency. Centris looks forward to continued success with Temenos Infinity, and would definitely recommend it to others seeking to improve their collection and asset recovery processes. “Based upon our experience to date, with the software and with Temenos,” said Mr. Fitzgerald, “we are eagerly looking forward to future product offerings and enhancements from them.”

”Temenos Infinity’s flexibility in queue management and reporting capabilities have greatly improved the efficiency of our collection effort, and gives me complete control over my department’s workflow without reliance on IT.”

Patrick Fitzgerald, Collection Manager