Led by the two pioneers in the banking industry, Frank Trotter and Vincent Amato, the US challenger Bank Battle Bank, is expected to launch in the second half of 2022. Battle Financial, Inc. has selected Temenos Banking Cloud to underpin the global markets technology stack. Using Temenos’ model bank methodology and the pre-composed banking services, the bank will be able to quickly roll out its world markets division, offering innovative solutions with hyper-efficient cost structures.

“We’ve created Battle Bank to fill a widening gap in the traditional banking landscape — to offer high-yield interest accounts coupled with access to the world markets. To make that vision a reality, we need technology that is fast, open, and scalable as we continue to grow our offerings. This partnership with Temenos will provide exactly that, making our clients’ experience as seamless and efficient as possible”

Frank Trotter, President and Board Member at Battle Financial, Inc.

With Temenos core banking and payments solutions, Battle Bank will be able to offer its clients a diverse set of opportunities in F.D.I.C. insured foreign currency and market index deposits and the ability to acquire, store, and borrow against non-F.D.I.C. insured precious metals.

“We are building Battle Bank to offer exceptional banking values and unique investing offerings, With Temenos, we know that it’s possible to launch fast and scale quickly. The unprecedented breadth, depth and scale of the platform’s modular banking capabilities creates opportunities for our customers to prosper through a diversification of financial holdings with us.”

Vincent Amato, Chief Operations Officer at Battle Financial, Inc.