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MpiloTech is a specialist Software Development Company, founded in 2015 and based in South Africa. We are a fast growing, aspirational company with over 80 Staff members of which 60 are Technical Consultants spanning Software Developers, UX Designers, Test Analysts etc. We foster an Entrepreneurial culture within our business and invest heavily in the success of our people. We are specialists in the Financial Services sector and have spent the last 6 years building our technical and business expertise with a specific focus on Digital Banking and a particular focus on Temenos Infinity as well as Multi Experience Application Development, making use of the VoltMX Development Platform.

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  • Middle East and Africa

To a world of rapid change and ever-increasing Digitisation, MpiloTech offers a range of advanced, competitive digital transformation enablement services underpinned by Innovation, Quality and Authentic relationships. We spend over 150 000 hours every year designing bespoke software solutions and delivering mission critical technology projects that enables the digital transformation of our clients.

Furthermore, MpiloTech is undertaking an initiative together with the Johannesburg Centre for Software Engineering (a division of WITS University) to become the first South African software development company to achieve the Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) 2.0 Level 3 certification. This journey is underway, and we endeavour to achieve our CMMI 2.0 certification by Q2 2022. Our undertaking to build a world class software development methodology gives us the ability to provide our customers with full End-2-End Software Development managed service.

Both our Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) underpinned by our CMMI 2.0 programme and our experience with the Temenos Infinity Platform enables us to successfully deliver Temenos Digital Banking implementations to our customers.

MpiloTech is primed to become the leading software development company in South Africa and for that matter Africa and forms the foundation in our efforts to Unearth Greatness in our People, our Solutions and our Society.

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