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  • Middle East and Africa

MCB Consulting comes from a banking environment with extensive end-user knowledge as well as consulting exposure. Therefore, the company is in a unique position to offer to its clients first-hand its battle field experience, having implemented and used a number of best-in-class applications in a handful number of different countries with differing legislations and jurisdictions. It’s scope of intervention is multi-fold towards ensuring that the three pillars of an organisation – people, process and technology – are in tune, thus supporting the overall business strategy of financial institutions.

By efficiently putting together the pieces of the same business puzzle, MCB Consulting provides sustainable solutions which will guide its clients in pursuing their development, innovation, growth goals and thereby achieve excellence. With its agile multicultural team leveraging also a number of strategic agreements with some world class players, MCB Consulting Services Ltd does not just make suggestions; instead draw upon their proven frontline expertise and experience and work the entire project to bring tailor-made solutions, across the lifecycle of any project. Its aim is to build a trusted business relationship with its clients, improve business and assist its clients in managing the information.

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