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Accounting integrations made simple

Providing seamless integrations with the financial software used by small business customers – all through a single API.

Deliver a faster, more convenient experience for your customers by tightly integrating your product with the financial applications they use to run their business.

Codat provides an integration with all the major accounting platforms your customers use to run their business. That means you can achieve significant market coverage all via one API.


Codat handle the heavy lifting of integrations

Faster, simpler and less expensive that building integrations in house.

Ongoing support & maintenance

Codat maintains and monitors each connection so you don’t have to. Our developers have designed our system to make it as easy as possible to use and provide expert ongoing developer support.


Codat acts as a data processor when building integrations, mapping data in a standard format independent from the accounting software that your customers use.

Reduce human error

Automatic synchronisation of accounting data reduces the likelihood of human errors and can give your customers peace of mind.

Provide good customer experience

Small businesses don’t have the time to manually exchange their financial information. Provide your customers with the type of digital experience they have come to expect.

Fairer finance

Unlocking access to financial services that your customers need to drive their business forward.


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