With trace:original it is possible to create all types of electronic documents.

Enigio’s trace:original is an open SaaS solution for creating and managing electronic original documents, such as Bills of Lading, Documentary Collection, Promissory Notes, Warehouse receipts, Certificates and others. The documents are fully compliant with UNICITRAL Model Law on Electronic Transferrable Records and the English Electronic Trade Documents Act. The documents are freely transferable to anyone, enabling full digitalisation and automated data processing.

Key Benefits

Legally-compliant (UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records and English Electronic Trade Documents Act), enforceable and negotiable instruments and title documents

Interoperable, leveraging unbroken data chains for higher productivity, enables straight-through processing of data

Easy to use, reduces costs, enables faster access to capital for Exporters, Corporates and SMEs

Easy to plug in and simply replace the physical paper document

Key Features

Industry agnostic and process agnostic

Fully secure: Cryptographic keys control ownership and possession and allow documents to be endorsed and traded

Freely transferable and interoperable


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