Simplify complex operations in corporate banking and trade finance that are manually intensive, error-prone and subject to stringent compliance regulations.

SureMatch reads any document with pictures, text, numbers, handwriting, graphs and barcodes contextually.

Scrutinize and vet input / supporting documents for Bank Guarantees, Letters of Credit ( LC ), Remittances, Collections, Mortgages, Discounting, Credit and Treasury Operations, Working Capital Loans, Advances, Corporate Loans, Insurance Underwriting and Contracts easily.

SURE Engine powers SureMatch (scrutiny & vetting), SureExtract (data extraction), SureAutomate (intelligent RPA), SureFlow (process workflows) platforms and 250+ microservices.

Impactsure is an AI/ML powered document analytics SaaS company

Our simple, practical solutions for complex workflows offer 4 key benefits. They are:

  1. Improve business outcomes by 10X
  2. Delightful customer experiences
  3. Exceptional operational efficiency
  4. Compliance with regulations

The features that create an IMPACT are:

Insightful AI

-Read and understand massive repositories of documents

-Contextual language search from repositories results in document and clause management within 30 seconds

-Train by dragging and dropping new documents, templates, images and files in different formats with 1 click


-Extend SURE engine for document intensive tasks across subsidiaries, member banks, vendors and other entities

-Multi-lingual-Easily trainable to read and process documents in multiple languages


-Workflow to manage queue of documents with status tracking and reporting

-Neural Network based data extraction and data processing for high performance and accuracy

-Consistent checks across documents

-MIS data reporting and full audit trail


-Role-based access allows users to perform various roles as Maker, Checker, Approver; Hierarchical role-based access allows users to use online collaboration tools


-AI engine identifies and shows matches or exceptions with high confidence level

-Configurable business rules for data contextualization

-Advanced capabilities to scrutinize, verify and vet documents easily and accurately


-Advanced tech: Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Vision and Machine Learning (ML)

-Modular, APIs, microservices architecture – Proven capabilities to interface with upstream and downstream systems

-Continuous AI training and accuracy calculation


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