Taurus provides everything you need to manage any digital asset with one platform. Multi-use cases, multi-blockchains.

Depending on your business model and strategy, you are able to seamlessly manage crypto assets (including staking), to digitise and tokenise any type of asset on any standard, and to process digital currencies of your choice. Taurus’ digital infrastructure is flexible to deploy (on-premise, SaaS or hybrid), fast to integrate and ready-to-scale. Used by all types of banks: online, retail, corporate, private, crypto, and systemic global banks.


Richest features and breadth of use cases

The Taurus platform provides the largest choice of applications in the market covering crypto-business, private assets, digital currencies as well as public and private blockchains.

Industry-leading Technology

Taurus’ engineers belong to a handful (4-5 in the world) mastering the full technology stack from software, hardware, security, cryptography, distributed systems and DevOps. This means for clients a fast execution and remaining at the forefront of technology progress.

Market-leading and Battle-tested Platform

Taurus solutions are entrusted by the full spectrum of banks in production: systemic banks, investment banks, private banks, retail/digital banks, crypto-banks and trading venues.

Taurus PROTECT – Custody Platform

Custody and process ANY digital asset such as crypto-assets, tokenised securities, private assets and digital currencies. All with the highest security, richest features and flexibility: deployed on-premise, SaaS or hybrid. Temperature-agnostic (hot, warm and cold). FIPS 140-2 Level 3 hardware security modules and MPC.

Taurus CAPITAL – Digital Issuance and Tokenisation Platform

Digitally issue & create your own financial products, digitise & tokenise any private asset. Upload and interact with any external smart contract from your clients or partners. Fully integrated with Taurus PROTECT for end-to-end asset servicing.

Taurus EXPLORER – SaaS Blockchain Connectivity & Indexing

Unified APIs to interact with 10+ blockchain protocols. Transfer assets, monitor wallets and manage counterparty risk, all in real-time. Taurus’ nodes and indexing SaaS service include reliable broadcasting, replay attack protection algorithms and strict SLAs. Allows you to reduce costs up to 80% and scale faster.


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