AI-enabled chatbots for banks that know the importance of great customer support

In today’s business world, customers demand more than ever before. They want 24/7, personalized, and immediate service in their language and preferred channels. Proto’s AI-enabled multilingual chatbots are here to make it easy and cost effective for banks to offer the best experience for customers.

Financial institutions can seamless integrate Proto to their internal systems and automate conversational banking with chatbots that can be deployed across channels like WhatsApp, SMS, web chat and Messenger.


AI-enabled conversational banking

The chatbot is able to free up your team by handling most customer requests such as transactions, issues, questions and more.

Easy and rapid implementation

Proto has template chatbots available for financial institutions and the team handles all steps of the implementation to ensure an easy and fast process.

Multilingual & omnichannel

Chatbots are trained to speak more than 100 languages including mixed and rare dialects and can be deployed to 15 channels including WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, Line, etc.

Features and integrations

A wide range of features and integrations can be used to make the chatbot and your contact centre systems work together using API integrations, customer profile syncing, and case creation and more.

Cost effective

Proto’s all inclusive pricing is a fraction of the savings from automation. The pay-as-you-go per unique user means you pay as you get value – no hidden costs.


Monitor automation performance and customer satisfaction with reports filtered by channel, geography and more.


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