MozaIK, the Partner of YOUR Digital Transformation. Make your Document & Business Processes easier in an ultra-secure environment.

MozaIK combines 3 main features: Output & Document Management Solutions plug & play to Temenos Solutions with graphical designer, scalable document factory, omnichannel publishing, dataroom archiving; Business Process Automation with Workflow Designer, Smart Contract generation, eSignature, Onboarding & Due Diligence and Business Relationship Platform to ensure historization, Business follow-up with Dynamic Dashboards & Customizable widgets and centralise customer data from different information systems.

MozaIK, the Partner of YOUR Digital Transformation. Make your Document & Business Processes easier in an ultra-secure environment.

MozaIK is a “plug & play” Reporting & Workflow Solution fully integrated to Temenos products suite. Specialized in Document Management & Business Process Automation, MozaIK is a Digital Workplace with dynamic dashboards and customizable widgets allowing Client Reporting production, automatic generation of Smart Contracts, electronic signature, set-up proper e-forms and implementation of Digital Client Onboarding & Due Diligence processes.


Plug & Play Reporting Solution

Using data from Temenos Products, the MozaIK Solution offers a powerful reporting solution that provides users with customizable client reporting while enabling mass production. (with load balancing & multi-threading technologies, production lines audit & restart/recovery, monitoring console).

Automation & Contractual Document Generation

Ease your process by generating automatically contractual documents, according to predefined variables and hidden conditions. This will considerably reduce the risk of error helping you to save time in your day-to-day work and focus on your business.

Collaborative Digital Workplace

Get a web-based solution enabling your clients to remain connected with you 24/7 from anywhere using any type of mobile device. Share business information threw dynamic dashboards and edit & sign documents across this ultra-secure digital workplace accessible with specific access rights.

Digital Client Onboarding & Business Process Automation

Optimize your Workflows, make your Business Processes simple and expand your Customer Portfolio. With MozaIK you will build smart digital onboarding and enhance the client online experience. With Process Automation, staff is also more efficient saving the business time and money.

Due Diligence & Compliance

Organize your own due diligence, KYC/AML and MIFID procedures according to compliance rules and focus on your business to shorten your time-to-market. Manage the risk profiling of your clients with a dynamic scoring solution and control operations with principle of validation.

360° Overview

As the backbone of your organization’s documentation, MozaIK will help you to strengthen your Customer Relationship by controlling and centralizing all your documents (contracts, reporting, notice letters, etc.) within one single platform.

Low-code & Flexibility 

As a low-code application MozaIK is entirely configurable. Personalize your own platform, workflows, e-forms and e-questionnaires to meet both you and your clients’ specific requirements. Flexible and scalable, MozaIK helps to grow from small to large client base.

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