TSig™ has full system administration and user management and it is fully integrated with T24 and related users and access management. It manages signature capturing and signatory matrix setup. It is invoked by T24 for signature viewing/validation/authorization. It can handle biometric devices, online customer signature validation, different signature validation mechanisms including governmental ID authentication.

TSig™ solution has been built to manage every thing around customer signatures. It can handle standard signature cards, device signature or digital signature. TSig™ is fully integrated and aligned with T24 and related retail or corporate customer creation process. TSig™ is a comprehensive signature solution for traditional and digital signature capturing, validating and management.

The solution covers signatures management for Retail and Corporate including signatory authorization matrix setup using predefined customizable workflows with ability to centralize or decentralize the signature image and data capture process. Tsig will have two-way integration with T24 and ECC to have maximum automation for capturing and validating signatures and signatories financial limits. The solution integrates with T24 to read customer information and validate signatures, and also will be integrated with the ECC system to validate cheques signatures.

After T24 create the customer and his accounts, TSig™ create signatures verification rules and signatory matrix assigned to the customer level or account level. TSig™ manages the definition of T24 trxn’s signature verification rules covering financial and nonfinancial transactions types, and it is invoked by T24 or ECC to manages signature verification and provide signature approval back to T24/ECC to execute the related trxn.

Capturing: After customer/accounts creation in T24, T24 invokes TSig™ to captures signatories and related signatures (signature cards, digital pads, biometrics) and assign class for each signatory (A, B, C). then TSig™ defines transaction’s validation rules at customer level or account level and define related signatory authority matrix. TSig™ can be integrated with mobile customer onboarding process to capture mobile digital signature and related signatory information through WEB services.

Verification: For any transaction requires signature validation, T24 will invoke TSig™ do single or multiple signatures verification based on T24 transaction’s applicable rules and related customer/account signatory matrix . Bank ECC (Electronic Cheque Clearing) system invokes TSig™ to verify cheque single signature or multiple signatures based on the applicable ECC rule for the cheque trxn and related customer/account signatory matrix assigned to the customer/account of the issued cheque. TSig™ is fully integrated with Bank ECC for cheque signature verifications.


Built for T24

TSig™ is fully integrated with T24 to complete customer signatory matrix definition and signatures capturing activities at customer or account levels. TSig™ handles trxn’s signature verification and authorization. TSig™ can adapt to the bank process of signature capturing, verification, and authorization.

Built for ECC

TSig™ is fully integrated with ECC to verify and authorize customer signatures based on defined signatory matrix and related rules assigned to the cheque signature authorization. TSig™ can adapt to the bank process of cheque signatures capturing, verification, and authorization.


TSig™ handle different type of signatures like standard signature cards, biometric, and digital signatures devices. and open for other digital mechanisms.

Signatory Matrix and Verification Rules

TSig™ has the capability to define different signatory’s classes and signature authorization matrix under related rule at customer level or account level.

All in one signature Management

TSig™ capture different signatures types. Live data will be accessed and provided by TSig™ system through T24 integration, ECC integration and/or other data sources if needed.

Trxn or Cheques Signature Verification

TSig™ verify trxns signatures and cheque signatures based on defined verification rule. TSig™ handle unlimited customers, accounts, signatories, signature, notes.

Integration and workflows

TSig™ has flexible capabilities for different types of integrations and tailored made workflows.


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