DSP™ Platform

DSP™ provides banking reporting services and banking documents generation and communication (eStatement, eLetter, eAdvice, Contracts, eMail body/Attachment). DSP™ provides data services and data feeds for other systems, databases, data files, and provides data responses for Mobile/Internet Banking inquiries.

DSP™ is a platform for data/document preparation and services. It supports instant customer services by providing online data services for reports, inquiries, statements, letters, advices, and contracts for bank end users or for different bank channels including branches, call centre, internet banking, and mobile banking.

It reads data from core systems and/or other data sources and provides online reports or PDF documents. The platform can send email with PDF attachments. It is a highly configurable solution, integrated with T24 and digital channels, provides data feeds and data services in PDF & Excel formats for operation reports, documents, and end of day reports/files. It has ready-made reporting model for all T24 modules (English/2nd Language/Bilingual) with more than 700 reporting templates ready to be used by different business lines.

It has user access management capabilities with T24’s data elements business mappings. It has documents and reports design capability with different data views for different bank users or customers segments. It provides auto generation capabilities based on system trigger or scheduled action and auto archive of the generated documents. DSP™ generates documents based on predefined html or word templates which can be printed, or retrieved by T24 or Internet/mobile banking. DSP™ can be invoked by T24 or CRM through secured URL and encrypted credentials to generate and print online reports or documents.


Built for T24

DSP™ provides all required data and documents generation and feeds

One Solution

DSP™ platform has been built to provide data services for T24 and other integrated systems. It has T24 data elements business mapping ready to be used for any report, data feed, document generation or web services.

Tailored Platform

DSP™ platform can be tailored to different banks needs for documents, data feeds, reports with tens of templates available for immediate use.

Data Mapping

DSP™ platform come with T24 data elements business mapping for all T24 modules.


DSP™ is easy to implement and can be up and running in weeks with standard integration and templates.


DSP™ can be deployed in production environment on short period and can be gradually adapted to the business needs, operation’s needs, channel’s needs, data feeds need.


DSP™ can archive generated reports and documents in bank standard archiving system for future reference/retrieval.

End of day services

DSP™ can generate end of day reports, statements and data files based on defined schedule.

Access management

DSP™ has access management for system admin, security admin, business admin, and end users access.

T24 integration ready

DSP™ read and recognize T24 data dictionary.

Invoked by T24/CRM (URL) or Channels (web services)

DSP™ can be invoked by any system for services through secured URL with encrypted credentials, or through data/documents retrievals web services.


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