The valuation module involves a complete due diligence (risk rating) and an evaluation of a company or an asset using DCF and Multiples.

This module is time efficient, scalable, customizable, and ready to use, hence an ideal tool for any organization looking to streamline its assessment processes. The system’s scalability allows the business to expand without extra costs, thereby achieving high ROI. Additionally, with full control over the evaluation parameters, the system can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization, ensuring accurate, consistent, and relevant results.


The features are:

  1. Full control over the evaluation parameters, standardization tailored to meet your needs
  2. Complete risk rating and evaluation of established companies and SPVs using both DCFs and Multiples
  3. Allows you to automate the processing of financial data and evaluation of clients

In the process:

  • Increases efficiency,
  • Simplifies the process,
  • Accelerates the results,
  • Allows scalability and
  • Removes complexity.


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